At Balax, we recognize the increased demands placed on our customers for improved quality and lower production costs.  To accommodate these needs, you will find in this catalog new generations of high performance tools that will lead to "least cost tapped hole" by providing increased tool life, less machine downtime, and better thread quality.  This catalog reflects our commitment to serve our customers by providing skillfully engineered, high quality, state of the art products made in the USA.

Material Specific Tap geometry

In-Stock Thredfloer and Thredshaver are optimized to tap a specific material with geometry and coatings engineered to provide maximum results.

Premium Tap Materials of Construction

In-Stock Thredfloer and Thredshaver taps made from premium powder metal tool steel. These taps are produced at higher Rockwell C values and offer increased wear resistance and toughness compared to standard taps.

Carbide Inserted Taps

In-Stock Thredfloer and Thredshaver taps that have the wear resistance of carbide while providing the core strength of HSS.

Special Design Features

Balax has introduced other important design features to its standard tap product lines that increase tap consistency and benefit tap life and productivity:

  • Controlled Tap Blank Dimensions with tighter tolerances than MCTI Industry Standards.
  • Controlled Tap Chamfers for bottoming applications with limited clearances.
  • CNC Controlled Tap Geometries for more consistent thread gaging and longer tap life.

Balax, inc. Tapping Laboratory

Balax is fully equipped to evaluate your future tapping projects and to help you make the decision whether to cold form or cut thread your part.  Working with your part prints and actual material being tapped, Balax will provide you with the correct recommendation for pre-tap hole size, tapping torque, tapping speed, and tap lubrication.  Based on all of this information, Balax will design and manufacture the optimum tap that will allow you to successfully production tap your parts from the very beginning.